Top Fencing Design Trends This Month

Do you consider good fences make good neighbors? Or are you with Gene Autry, looking for large open country? If you reside in close quarters with your neighbors, you’re likely in the previous camp — whether it’s a fence to keep a dog at home, an aluminum wall around your pool for safety or a privacy fence to shield naked sunbathing, there are a lot of options and local fence contractors to choose from. And just like light fixtures, backsplash tile and color schemes, fence is subject to trends.

Melissa and Jerry Haley founded their company, Backyard Fence, in 1997. Back then, wood dominated the day, both the separated pickets that call Tom Sawyer to mind, and the sections that create both a wall and a privacy shield. Melissa Haley said she seldom quoted plastic in those days due to the fact it was so expensive, compared to spruce and cedar options. Now, the contrary is true. Vinyl has come down in price, Haley said, and the price of wood has skyrocketed due to the fact of supply issues when it comes to importing lumber. Wood and plastic are frequently close in price, and clients often go with plastic due to the fact it is low-maintenance and long-lasting, Haley said, and the material now comes in a variety of colors, not just white.

“There are places where only wood will do, due to the fact the property is greatly wooded and plastic would look out of place,” Haley said.

Fencing falls into four categories — in order of expense, it’s chain link, aluminum, plastic and wood. Installation labor costs depend on location, Haley said — the digging is easy in Rotterdam, where it’s sandy, but trickier in Altamont or Cohoes, where the soil is various.

While chain link is cheapest, you can spend as a lot as a new car on fancy fence options — plastic with aluminum on top to create a decorative element or aluminum fence with decorative panel inserts. Haley said a combination of styles is popular — at her house, she has chain link around the yard and decorative plastic in the front facing the street.