When it comes to arranging an Embroidered gift or garment, it can be really time consuming and logistically difficult to arrange. You have to drop the items off, maybe wait a few days and then pick up them up again, and if there’s been a mistake you have to go through the whole process again! Instead, Why not book me to come to you!

It’s a lot easier, you don’t have to arrange a seperate schedule, and I embroider while you wait. Easy! Also you’ll know it’s all correct as you’ll see it being done in front of you! I just charge a minimum order fee, depending on how much travel is involved. So if you’ve got a hen do or wedding coming up and don’t have time to organise the Embroidered gowns etc I can help. I can pick your items up from a shop or outlet for you, embroider them, and bring them over all done! Just give me a call on 07749777741 or complete the form on the right.